Media Productions

Whether you seek Online Content, Television or Film Media Productions, TPE can produce from script up to final cut whatever your production needs be. Our online productions often combine with promotions with optimized content for maximum results.

Social Media Optimization

TPE’s expertise allows clients to enjoy top 10 search engine results. Tom’s Top 10 lists include some of TPE’s top clients. You too can enjoy the added boost of business to your company with TP Entertainment & Productions.

TPE Coverage

Have TPE cover your events and launches before and after for maximum sales and exposure through TPE numerous social network channels all linked back to your website.


Numbers Don’t Lie

TPE’s proof in the pudding are the spiked numbers and views of our media with links back to our clients. We can physically show you this but your phone ringing should be proof enough. And our unique content is designed to come up for search terms YOUR CUSTOMERS search. That is why we are so successful in dominating search engine rankings.

TPE Takes Pride

Integrity means everything at TPE and we strive to deliver better than anyone else would with attention to detail most others simply don’t do.

Our festival and award winning media productions get results.

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Bonnie and Clyde Craft Services for all your production nourishment, snack and refreshment needs.

We’ll Steal Your Appetite!

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